The Farmers Edge

A Promise To Our Customers


Creating lasting relationships is important to us. There wouldn’t be a Farmers Bank without our loyal customers. We go above and beyond to build trust. We don’t pretend we are interested; we show this by having an array of competitive products and hire experienced bankers to facilitate our customer’s needs


“The way banking should be” is the premise we have built our core foundation. We pride ourselves on being small and nimble, so we can cut through red tape and make quick decisions around customer’s needs. Unlike big banks who run their clients through a strict computer based algorythm, we have our professionals look at every angle in order to make a decision.


Using technology to eliminate friction and simplify banking is important to us. At Farmers Bank, we understand we live in a world where consumers want to bank anywhere, anytime. We will continue to embrace and invest in financial technology so banking won’t be a burden on your lifestyle. Check our technology page regularly to see a list of all of our technology offerings.


At Farmers Bank, we put our vendors and ourselves through comprehensive audits to maintain maximum security and redundancy for our customers. All communication is encrypted and sent over secure channels using valid SSL certificates and Cipher suites.